Gift voucher

Give the gift of entertainment with a Gulbenkian Gift Voucher! Here at Gulbenkian we have been busy making the perfect present. A Gulbenkian Gift voucher!

Out with the yearly sock gift and down with the smellies - buy your loved one a night out! And with a wide programme of events this gift caters for all, whether you are into films, jazz, comedy, theatre, ballet or children's theatre.



And it's not just any gift voucher it's a proper gift pack. We'll put your vouchers in a Gulbenkian Card! Who could ask for more?

Well we could! If you want to purchase specific tickets (not a general voucher) we will put them in a Gulbenkian Gift Card at your request as well.

How to get your gift vouchers

You can purchase gift vouchers in person from our Tickets and Information Office or phone 01227 769075 or buy online.


Tickets can be purchased for specific shows and put into gift packs including a gift card, letter and envelope if requested from our Tickets & Infomation office or phone 01227 769075.

How to redeem your gift vouchers

Gift vouchers can be redeemed for theatre and/or cinema tickets.