Toddlernes Rom (Toddler's Room)

Showing Times

Sat 29th Aug - 10:15am

Sat 29th Aug - 11:15am

Sat 29th Aug - 12:15pm

Sat 29th Aug - 14:00pm

Sat 29th Aug - 15:00pm

Sat 29th Aug - 16:00pm

Sun 30th Aug - 10:00am

Sun 30th Aug - 10:50am

Sun 30th Aug - 11:40am

Sun 30th Aug - 13:00pm

Sun 30th Aug - 13:50pm

Sun 30th Aug - 14:30pm


Dybwikdans (Norway) presents Toddlernes Rom (Toddler's Room)

Enter a magical sensory space – The Toddler’s Room. You and your child can share and interact in this beautiful show created especially for the very young.

Toddlers room is supported by Stavanger kommune, Sandnes kommune, Rogaland fylkeskommune, Fond for utøvende kunstnere, UiS

Tickets: £5
Recommended for ages 0-3years

Toddler's Room is part of a bOing! ticketing package.

Runtime: 20mins.
Limited capacity.
Venue: Lumley Studio at bOing!

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