Showing Times

Sat 29th Aug - 12:00pm

Sun 30th Aug - 14:30pm


Cie. Willi Dorner (Austria) present Fitting.

This outdoor performance takes two ideas as its point of departure, carrying forward an argument about urban space and body:

„City planning should not aim to make life in the city as efficient as possible, it should leave room for appropriation and especially disorder and confrontation.” (R.Sennett)

„An architect wishing to erect a building with narrative power would have to choose forms which are open to a number of different usage programmes. He would have to create spaces with such a simple construction that they can always be transformed.” (R. Sennett)

The performance demonstrates the act of building, assembling and taking apart as procedures of constructing. By removing stability, symmetry, rectilinearity those  ideas of construction are brought up for discussion. Dysfunctional orders arise and refer to the essential element of architecture, order. Architecture represents order and the implementation of order.

Recommended for all ages
Runtime: tbc
Venue: bOing! Wonderland