bOing 2014 - The Bounce

Showing Times

Sat 30th Aug - 11:15am

Sat 30th Aug - 13:45pm

Sat 30th Aug - 15:00pm

Sun 31st Aug - 11:15am

Sun 31st Aug - 13:45pm

Sun 31st Aug - 15:00pm


Saturday 30 August 11.15am, 1.45pm & 3pm  Age 3 -19 years. For young people who are on the Autism Spectrum

Sunday 31 August 11.15am, 1.45pm & 3pm Age 3 -19 years. For young people who are defined as having Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities

BOUNCE, BOUNCE and even more BOUNCE ! Using trampolines, video projection and live music with a Middle Eastern flavour Gulbenkian favourite Oily Cart will explore bounce in all its forms from gentle to exuberant, carefully adapting performances to the specific requirements of each participant.

Developed with support from Ockham's Razor.

Tickets: Young person £5 (with carer)



Location: Jarman Studio 1

This event is part of bOing! International Family Festival 2014