Supporting Artists

Gulbenkian is committed to nurturing and supporting emerging artists, in particular graduates of the University of Kent and local artists.


Animate Arts CompanyAnimate
Animate Arts is a collective of professional artists and performers collaborating together to create and deliver unique workshops, experiences and artworks for audiences of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Animate Arts actively seeks communities and individuals to get creative, engage into the Arts and explore
themes of well-being, community cohesion and participation.


Run by Artistic Director Jo Frater to promote dance and movement as a holistiConfidancec tool for personal development to empower people with and without special needs.  Confidance uses dance, theatre and performance to promote the skills and abilities of those with special needs to educate the public through direct experience and interaction in order to foster a more compassionate
and unprejudiced society that celebrates differences

  Three Half Pints

The Three Half Pints are a slapstick comedy group. They work together to create hilarious high energy sketches following the lives of three brothers, Dick, Derek and Ernie. Suitable for all the family the Three Half Pints create comedy that is nostalgic, with a modern twist.

Come and see them and experience the lives of three shorter than average men, struggling to get by in a world that's just too big for them. Following a brilliantly received Edinburgh run this year the Three Half Pints have joined up as the comedy group in residence at the Gulbenkian.

 "hilarity to the point of exhaustion" The Stage

"The Three Half Pints dazzle with well executed Monty Python-esque humour... this show is sure to captivate you"★★★★★- Three Weeks

"The Three Half Pints never miss a beat...and laugh the audience did, almost constantly, throughout the whole show."★★★★- Broadway Baby

"It was silly, it was juvenile and it was absolutely may go along and only have Three Half Pints, but you'll laugh like you've been drinking all day"The U-Review

"These guys put on the funnies show I have seen all entertainment at its best"- Audience Review

The company was founded in early 2010 by Robin Hatcher (Ernie), Callum Donnelly (Derek), and Richard Franks (Dick), who were brought together due to their love for slapstick comedy and Variety Theatre. The boys write and direct all of their shows together. Emily Moffat joined up with them in 2011 play the role of the silent female, providing some normality to frame the ridiculous antics of the boys and has since become a key member of the group. The Three Half Pints have enjoyed great responses and reviews at every show they have put on. They also offer workshops in slapstick and physical humour and comedy club sets.

2015 has been a busy year touring their unique take on A Christmas Carol, working for Cbeebies in new series Spot Bots due to air in early 2016 and developing new show Bad Guys (at Gulbenkian on Sun 10 Apr 2016)

"This slick production, honed during the group's residency at Canterbury's Gulbenkian Theatre, proves why their reputation is gathering momentum." The STage (on A Christmas Carol)


Companies we work in association with:

Wide Eyed Theatre Company are an East Kent arts company specialising in handmade storytelling. Wide Eyed formed to bring the ancient art and enjoyment of storytelling to new audiences through contemporary performances and workshops. Inspired by a love of stories from across the global and cultural spectrums we endeavour to explore new ways of using this oral tradition to promote self-expression, imagination and learning. Wide Eyed Theatre Company run the Gulbenkian Youth Theatre in association with the Gulbenkian and School of Arts, University of Kent and Squarepegs Drama Group based at Gulbenkian.

Folk In The Barn


Beautiful Town Music


Artswork (South East Bridge)artswork

Artswork’s mission is to place the arts and cultural practice at the heart of work with, for and by children and young people – particularly those deemed to be at risk – and to champion, lead and facilitate high quality work led by artists and arts and cultural organisations including the development of young arts and creative practitioners and leaders.